You will find recordings of this month under "Interpretation of the Gospel-topical"!


In the "Audio" section you can listen to recordings about different spiritual themes. They serve as spiritual guidance for the members of Jemael, as well as for anyone interested in the spiritual life. I have taped these recordings in part for radio, spiritual retreats or for the Communitas Agnus Dei. Besides these, which are not in any systematic order in reference to the spiritual life, I have started the series "Spiritual Doctrine" to give a systematic introduction into the spiritual life over a longer period of time. You can also listen to these recordings in English, French, Spanish, and in German-Lithuanian.

These audio-speeches are of broad character, and I hope that they will help those at the beginning of their spiritual journey as well as those, who have already been underway for a longer time.


Interpretation of Holy Scripture

Spiritual Life