I am the author of the web pages and my name is Elija. This is not my original name, but the religious name I have assumed in 1981.

After a period of intensive search for God, I experienced in 1977 - at the age of 27 - a conversion to Jesus Christ, which was so intense that my entire life began to orient itself completely after God. A few years later, on April 24th, 1980, the Community Agnus Dei was founded (www.communitas-agnus-dei.de). The true founder of such a religious community is the Holy Spirit, and I was permitted to serve Him as a human cooperator. Since then, I am trying - in all human weakness - to follow along the ways, how the Spirit of God is leading them.

The Spirit of God caused the contemplatively oriented Community Agnus Dei - although slowly - to grow, and in the meantime there are foundations in Europe, Africa, South America and a presence in the Holy Land. Through the path of the community evolved the Jemaelwork in 1994 (www.jemael.net).

From the beginning I put great emphasis on the way of the imitation of Christ and directed the community to walk on this "inner path". This occurred by means of the concrete common life, in many speeches, in retreats, in conversations and lectures. Later, radio broadcasts were added, i.e. the audience kept growing. Today, I am trying to make these recordings available to many people in different languages and supplement them with new recordings.

The coming to maturity of the community has permitted me to turn more and more to various tasks outside of the community. My life has now become a life of continuous travel. The proclamation of the faith is always the special desire of my heart, for where is man supposed to go without knowing God and consciously living with Him in a Love relationship! Or, in other terms: God in His Love is seeking man, offering him intimate communion with Him, and how often are we passing by!

In my many encounters with people I have noticed that even believers are not seldom lacking the knowledge of a deeper spiritual way. Therefore, I am trying in this way to support the ministry of the Church in word and script.

But it is not only the proclamation of the Gospel with a corresponding deepening of the faith, and the material need of people, which concern me. It is also the grievous present-day wrongs occurring in many nations and the growing antichristian trend, which alarm me. As an example, I only need to mention the terrible abortion of innocent children, which overshadows many nations like an invisible "cloud of horror". The rise of ideologies, which, in the clothing of seeming "freedom and equality", violate or relativize the commandments of God to the immeasurable detriment of men, needs to be attentively observed! One cannot and must not be silent any longer about this! (www.balta-lelija.net, www.haus-samaria.de)

What, therefore, needs to be done? With this question I stand before God, and in His goodness, the Heavenly Father gives answers and directions: Only Divine Love can overcome everything! It is about opening oneself to the Divine Love, permitting purification and reshaping of the human capacity for Love, to walk the way of holiness and apostolic fruitfulness. This is the daily challenge! And so I hope that everything God is pleased to call into existence through my service and ministry, is being inspired by Love and Truth.


Bodensee, March 5th, 2009